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K.B. from Bedford

“I contacted Mark due to my increased anxiety and alcohol dependence. On the exterior, I was calm but inside my anxieties were rife and I felt alcohol was the only solution to take the edge off things. I have what I perceive to be a stressful life and was convinced that I could not relax and did not know how to.

The sessions changed this perception quickly. I was naturally nervous if it would work but after each session, I felt like I had slept for 12 hours and my worries were insignificant. I slept like a baby the night following the session.

Mark has taught me the techniques to self hypnotise. I am making steady progress with this and it ensures I take time out of the day for me and my wellbeing. He also taught me to prioritise what’s important! I schedule in time for this and the gym, it doesn’t fall off the bottom of my to do list. I wish I had done this years earlier. Thank you!”

C.B. from Bedford

“Mark has been instrumental in helping me restore my self-confidence after a shaky couple of months at the beginning of lockdown. He has managed to get to the root of the problem and use this to provide me with a personalised therapy – which I have learned to use to help me deal with other issues. Thank you very much, Mark.”

Anon from Bedford

“My head and body have been in a typhoon!! It feels like. But your skills certainly helped this week in a way I couldn’t have imagined …”

A.R. from Bedfordshire

“I initially chose to contact Mark due to his credentials which indicated that he was clearly a professional within his field. A telephone call conversation confirmed that Mark is indeed very knowledgeable, with an open and friendly demeanor, and I had complete confidence to move forward with hypnotherapy sessions.

I had been experiencing severe headaches and IBS symptoms as a weekly occurrence for several years, and after four hypnotherapy sessions, both frequency and severity of headaches have been reduced to negligible levels, and IBS symptoms have not manifested themselves at all. The hypnotherapy sessions were very calming and a wonderfully relaxing experience, in spite of initial caution over not knowing what to expect with this being a new experience.

Mark provided helpful guidance to ensure that I would be able to continue supporting the therapy at home with my own efforts in making time for self-hypnosis sessions to maintain the benefits initiated by Mark. This has so far proved to be very beneficial and I am thoroughly convinced by the benefits of this process.

As a generally analytical and often sceptical person by nature, I did believe it to be important to approach this process with a completely open mind, which I did, and I have to say that I am more than delighted with the results, which in all honesty far surpassed the limits of the objectives that I initially set in my mind. Based on my own experience with hypnotherapy, I would certainly recommend considering this therapy as an alternative to traditional drug related treatments where feasible, or for issues that perhaps conventional medicine provides no help for.

As a final comment, needless to say that I would wholeheartedly commend Mark to anyone considering engaging with an alternative therapy. He is a true professional, thorough in his approach and preparation for each session, and he takes a genuine interest in looking at the whole person, rather than just the specific issues which are being addressed.”

L.D. from Luton

“I decided it was time to seek some support to help me better manage my GAD and Social Anxiety after recognising the impact this was having on me personally and professionally. I was put in touch with Mark and after a 6-week course of hypnotherapy I am now better equipped to manage my anxiety by drawing upon the techniques and tools learnt during my sessions. I have already noticed a marked improvement and will continue to practise self-hypnosis to build upon this going forward.”

O.N. from Bedfordshire

“… I didn’t really know what to expect but the deep relaxation has helped. I have felt a lot ‘lighter’, experienced an inner calm and not felt as tense, so all good…”

K.C. from Luton

“…I have all the tools I need, many thanks to you. I currently feel equipped to conquer my fear. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts as it has significantly transformed my life and will continue to do so in the future…”

M.S. from Luton

“Mark helped me tackle my anxiety which was affecting my schoolwork drastically and some aspects of my daily life. I didn’t think anything/anyone could help better my anxiety until I started undergoing hypnotherapy with Mark. After completing all my sessions with him, he equipped me with all the techniques that would help me control my emotions when I felt anxious. These techniques have had a positive impact on my life and have helped me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. Mark was very supportive and patient throughout the entire process and I felt that his guidance was reassuring. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs help as he was very kind and compassionate. I will definitely be returning for some “top-up” sessions closer to my exams.”

“… I am currently on track for a 1st in my course which is great. I got 84% in my Human Physiology exam in January which I was very proud of as I feel like I have overcome my anxiety in sitting exams … “

A.B. from Bedford

“I run my own business which can impact on every aspect of your life (no-one ever warns you before you set out with the bright idea of starting your own business!) I am a family man with a wonderful wife and two amazing grown lads. In 2015 as a result of the pressure the business was creating, I started to develop confidence and anxiety issues which led to a breakdown. The business still needed attention and I slowly developed a self -made coping mechanism whilst looking for extra help. As soon as I visited Mark, I knew that his support was exactly what I needed. Mark helped me develop confidence and assertiveness through hypnotism and it was immediately clear he has a genuine compassion to help.

It was only when Mark fully understood every aspect of my issues that he commenced with the treatment. I found that explaining my challenges to Mark also helped tremendously. This has definitely helped my perspective and outlook and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone needing help. I will certainly go back to Mark from time to time if I ever start to feel low.”

P.E. from Bedford

“Mark has helped my son through a tough time with anxiety.

My son was lacking in sleep, fearful of nightmares, not eating enough and constantly scared of being ill.

After a few sessions of hypnosis and counselling, Mark has brought him to a better place where he can be free of this state of mind and be the healthy, playful boy he should rightfully be.

Mark’s support was constant, I was able to contact him should I have any concerns.

For me, it is reassuring to know that Mark was there to help us like this, when at the time, it felt like nothing would change.”

T. B. from Bedford

“It was with some trepidation that I called Mark to make an appointment. I am from the old school that believes in sorting yourself out and getting on with life. However, after four years of suffering from a progressive illness whilst trying to run two businesses and be an effective father and husband plus a few social responsibility posts I realised that the ‘old plan’ wasn’t working and maybe it was time to seek professional help.

Mark’s approach is a great blend of ‘matter of fact’ with a strong undercurrent of genuine compassion and a very secure professional approach. After a brief introduction Mark laid out what he thought was the best course of ‘treatment’ which he then explained to me and worked with. This was Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which worked very neatly with my own prior knowledge of therapy techniques and the particular ‘cognitive rut’ I had thought myself into. The therapy is practical, straightforward and something which improves with practice. I also explained it to my wife who also uses the central tenets to remind me when she detects I may be straying ‘off piste’

Mark also used hypnotherapy with me which I found extremely helpful as, after a prolonged period of trying to battle uphill, I needed some notion that my unconscious mind could be enrolled into helping in my recovery. This was very effective and gave me a great breathing space to then be able to regroup my energies.

I had five sessions with Mark and each session felt as if we made real progress and it was very clear by session 5 that we both felt that my goal had been reached. I am far more effective in my daily life, I am sleeping much better and feel that I have a great tool with which to deal with further challenges.

I would recommend Mark without hesitation. I really feel as if I have gone from ‘running on reserve’ to being back to ‘firing on all cylinders’ in a very short space of time.”

T.S. from Clifton, Beds

“Mark has helped me to deal with my personal thoughts and issues by changing my aspect on it from negative to positive. I went into it not knowing much about self-hypnosis but with an open mind. It has honestly been life-changing for me as I feel in a much better place now.”

Anon. from Bedford

"When hypnotherapy was first suggested, I was quite apprehensive about it based on a well known TV show many years ago. Mark called me and explained what would happen, and I was happy to give it a go.

I very much enjoyed the sessions, including how Mark tailors the sessions according to you. The visualisation techniques are very good and we were even able to continue during the Covid-19 lockdown through technology which was helpful."

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